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child support petition forms ga

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IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF FULTON COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA FAMILY DIVISION Petitioner Civil Action File No and Respondent PETITION FOR DIVORCE I representing myself state that Subject Matter Jurisdiction I am the Petitioner in this action and Check a or b a I have been a resident of the State of Georgia for more than six 6 months prior to filing this action. b I am not a resident of the State of Georgia but my spouse has been a resident of the State of Georgia and a resident of Fulton County for...
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Who needs Georgia Petition for Divorce Form?

In the State of Georgia, if a spouse wishes to end their marriage, a Petition for Divorce must be filed in the Superior Court. The form should be filled out by a spouse who wants to start the divorce process, or a hired attorney can perform this task and in the future they will represent the spouse in court.

What is Georgia Divorce Petition Form for?

The Divorce Petition Form aims to outline the details of a couple’s marriage, its duration, whether they have children, child support, insurance, property, debts, what is the most important — reasonable and legally acknowledged grounds for divorce.

Is Georgia Divorce Form accompanied by other forms?

It is mandatory that the Petition for Divorce should be supported by the list of documents that should proof or contest the statements made by the other party. However, the number and type of supporting documents differ from one case to another.

There is a list of all possible documents that can be requested on the 6th page of the fillable Petition Form.

Also, if available, the Separation Agreement should be presented.


When is Divorce Petition due?


Georgia Petition for Divorce Form does not have or require meeting certain time limitations. It is used when needed.


How do I fill out ?


A spouse filling out the divorce papers should provide the following information:


  • - Petitioner and Respondent


    - Marriage details

    - Children

    - Custody or visitations

    - Children’s address of residence

    - Children’s health and life insurance

    - Marital property

    - Joint debts

    - Grounds for divorce



Where do I send ?


The completed Divorce Petition must be delivered to the Supreme Court for consideration and a copy must also be sent to the spouse — a respondent to the case.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing child support petition forms ga
Instructions and Help about child support petition forms ga
Hi this is how to file for divorce org and this is a free step-by-step guide on how to file for divorce in the state of Georgia so the first thing that you want to do is come to this webpage and if you're already on it, we'll go to step one there are two ways to download the required Georgia divorce papers now the first one is by clicking on the free ones which is the blank Georgia divorce papers all you have to do is click on this link they'll bring it to this page, and it'll just be a link to a zip file and basically what this is just a bullets of all the forms that are in this zip file here and this is a hundred percent free and all you have to do is come next back to the instructions which over here and option B is you don't say you don't want to fill out all these divorce papers you just don't really know have any idea what you're doing you can have a professional service fill these divorce papers out for you that we've teamed up with, but it is a two hundred $99 service, so it depends on if that's worth it to you or not now going down step two the person that has decided to file for divorce must follow the following forms make four copies and submit to the Georgia County Court Clerk's office now in your county you will have a court clerk's office and so you just have to find the family court that is where you live, and you have to look like I go through all the forms, but you have to fill out all these forms and pay the filing fee and if you click on here you can actually go right to your county and see what exactly the filing fee is so, but before you actually get started you want to see that the requirements either party must be a resident for at least six months so you or your spouse just has to be a resident for at least six months and the divorce must be for Erik insoluble differences and how long does it take it usually takes about a minimum of six months just because the courts are so backed up but getting back after step two if you have children you have to ask the clerk for the parental guidance classes you must attend that sounds ridiculous, but he had to go through it because after you complete these classes you'll get a certificate that you'll have to submit to the clerk it basically just says that you in fact completed the classes now step 3 after you if you have waited 30 days from the initial filing which is up here in step 2 you can now request a court hearing date after you have scheduled the time you will need to fill out the Georgia final judgment and decree because you're going to need to bring that to your hearing, so you just go to your hearing date with the final judgment decree make sure that your spouse knows of the hearing date and make sure that he or she goes and if you've done that you got you brought this form to the court you successfully completed all these steps then the judge will authorize you what is called the final judgment so all you'll have to do after this is just file the domestic relations case...
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